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My name is Patrick Le. I’m a hybrid photographer who focuses on capturing the history of the heart. I strive for simplicity, class and timelessness. We often get swept up in the pace of our lives that we forget to absorb what is happening right now. My personal objective is for my clients to take pause in the rapture of now, Before Tomorrow Begins: the day you start the journey with the love of your life, the first moment a father holds his child, the very day that all of our family or friends are together under the same roof, and the last few days you spend with those who mean so much to you. It’s a journey in pursuit of pure emotional revelations, that feeling of pressure slowly moving up your throat that transforms to a tear of joy, a gasp of surrendering, and then finally that exhale of catharsis. This is what I’m constantly chasing to share with you. No matter where you are in the world, we can always find a way to connect. Give me a call or shoot me an email anytime.

Reach me for inquiries and collaborations:
(949) 231- 2188

*I’d like to send out a special thanks to Martin Ngo of Martin Ngo Photography for trusting me and for the numerous collaborations and opportunities to serve as his primary photographer. I’d also like to send appreciation to Joe Nguyen of Joe Nguyen Photography and Jannet Blas of Jannet Blas Photography for their services second shooting for me.” Lastly, my clients, models, friends, family and supporters; without you, my vision (…and most times my craziness…) would never see the light of day. Forever in gratitude.”